Molton is a soft fabric of 100% cotton. It is roughened on both sides and, as a result, absorbs light and sound very well. Due to these qualities, Molton is mainly installed on stages, in theatres, opera houses, (home) cinemas, recording and photographic studios, as well as in discotheques and catering establishments. At Fair Trade Company you have the choice between stage Molton and decorative Molton.

Stage Molton has a weight of 300 g/m2 and is virtually lightproof. It is especially suitable for use as stage, wall and tribune covering as well as, studio backdrop and in event areas.

Decorative Molton, at circa 160 g/m2, is significantly lighter. It is mainly intended for decoration purposes. The more delicate option finds it use especially in the design and panelling of rooms, for scenery construction and for decoration of walls and ceilings.

All of our Molton fabrics are of low flammability and fitted according to DIN 4102 B1 or EN 13501-1.


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